Bar Crudo – You’ve Won my Heart

On a random Tuesday night, I grabbed a late dinner at Bar Crudo in Western Addition/ NOPA.  I was worried the place was going to be closed, but I saw that they were opened until 11 on weekdays.  Walking in, the light music and dim lights invitingly welcomed me in.  The server approached us and suggested that we pick our seats.  Being that the night was rather slow, Bar Crudo wasn’t too packed.  There’s table seating and bar seats.  We opted for the two top table by the window.  Our server came by with menus and water and politely asked if it was our first time dining.  For my buddy – it wasn’t his first time, but it was for me.  He explained the cuisine and suggested a couple of dishes to start.  For those who are unfamiliar – CRUDO is an  Italian cuisine which means raw fish dressed with olive oil, sea salt and citrus juice.  I started with a salad that satisfied all of my taste buds with tuna and asparagus.   With the help of the waiter’s suggestion, he paired my food with a white wine that enhanced all of the different flavors.  I had the crudo sampler and it was absolutely scrumptious.  I fell in love with the Atlantic char and horseradish, and the Rhode Island Fluke stole my heart.  Amazing.  Better yet, the service was genuinely attentive and I was floored when he explained the different fish options.  Our waiter Andrew was on point the whole night.  He filled our glasses when they were half full, he came by just enough to accommodate our needs without being intrusive and he really knew EVERYTHING on the menu.  I was thoroughly impressed with everything.  From the food, to the service to the ambiance – I will definitely return.

Out of 5 (5 being Best)

Food – 5
Service – 5
Atmosphere – 5
Cleanliness – 5


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