Yield – Not When it Comes to Wine… Keep it Coming

Happy hour was at Yield in the Dogpatch – The guy behind the bar was genuinely nice when he greeted me and advised me to pick any spot to sit.  I thoroughly enjoyed walking in about 5:30 and being able to choose where to sit.  I was probably one of the first patrons for the day, as they normally open at 5pm.   As I chose the window seat, the guy noticed the table was a bit dusty.  He immediately acknowledge the dust and ran off to grab a towel to wipe it off.  As I sat waiting for my friend to join me, I noticed the charming chalkboard on the wall that displayed the food menu.  My friend joined me shortly after and we ordered a plate of the cheese selection (3 different cheeses).  Out came a plate with incredibly small portions – I guess that’s why it was only $5 per cheese type.  We also tried the calamari and it too was a tiny portion.  It was bland and the aioli that accompanied it was also bland.  The guy (waiter) noticed that we had more cheese than bread, so he offered to bring out more bread.  15 minutes later he brought out the bread while apologizing profusely for taking so long.  Throughout our visit, the waiter guy was on point in checking on our needs.  He wasn’t too intrusive nor was he lacking speed.  For a wine bar, I’d have to admit the customer service was outstanding!


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