Soleil – The Sun was Definitely Shining in Westwood LA

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During one of my recent road trips to Los Angeles, CA – I spent a casual Sunday enjoying the warm weather and wonderful company of great friends.  My wonderful hosts suggested that we try a French bistro named Soleil located in Westwood of LA.  The place had a cute patio and enough seats for about 80 people.  As we walked in, we were immediately greeted and given a table for 4.  During the course of our dining experience, we had 3 waiters!  The place is small enough where everyone helped when they could.  Not once did any of us had to ask for anything.  The waiters were incredibly attentive and very friendly.  It was an added bonus that they were easy on the eyes.  Our delicious mimosas came out on time, our shrimp appetizer kept us occupied until they brought our scrumptious entrees.  We all tried different dishes and none of us left disappointed.  The seafood omelet was amazing!  The waiters saw that we were having a lazy day and he didn’t bother rushing us – he kept with our pace.  The food quality, quantity and taste was superb.  The customer service was amazing.  The price point was reasonable.  Soleil surpassed my expectations and has definitely made it onto my “favorites” list.


8 responses to “Soleil – The Sun was Definitely Shining in Westwood LA

  • Dakota

    Hey, cool blog.

    I’m about to become a Flight Attendant in a few weeks, after training… But have been in hospitality, accommodation tourism and service for years. I find your blog totally amusing. Customer service is such a touchy subject, but who better to share it than someone who has actually done the all-rounders. lol.

    Maybe in your next post you could share a bit about your Flight Attending past. That would be so interesting.

    Just read your other post about the coffee shop, and the girl who sounds like she sneered at you… Good on you for not giving her a tip. So over service like that!

    • Dakota


      Good food photos

    • tlbooey

      Hi Dakota,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! I’ll definitely add a couple of posts based on my flight attendant experiences… there are a handful that I remember so clearly. Best of luck to you in your new career. Being a flight attendant was my 2nd favorite job…. bartending will always hold 1st place 🙂

      – TLBooey

  • twedriliere

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  • jeannie

    I LOVE this place! My friend took me here – her and her boss used to come here all the time… her boss frequented it so much that there’s a sandwich named after him! It’s darn good, too!

    But I have a question – WHY WERE YOU IN LA AND I DID NOT KNOW????????? AHHHHHHHHHHH

    • tlbooey

      Jeannie, I JUST realized that I never replied to you! *slapping my hand* Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting 🙂 I was in LA… but for a short while – so you can’t get mad at me.

  • Ivan

    Super post, tienen que marcarlo en Digg


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